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Posted by Lauren Davis on 6/17/2021

This Multi-Family in Attleboro, MA recently sold for $550,000. This style home was sold by Lauren Davis - REALTY EXECUTIVES Boston West.

52 Holman Street, Attleboro, MA 02703


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IMPECABLE 3 Family Home located in the heart of Attleboro.. Features a brand new roof, newer windows, 3 separate heating systems, beautiful hardwoods throughout, large and meticulously landscaped backyard with a patio, firepit, electricity and cable for entertainment and game nights. Plenty of off street parking.Great commuter location, close to 95 and 295 and right by the train station. Close to all amenities in downtown Attleboro, hospital, shopping, restaurants and entertainment.So much potential rental income for an investor or owner occupied in mint condition units. Owners currently occupy all 3 units and 2nd and 3rd floor have been combined.Don't miss this opportunity! Schedule your appointment today!

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Posted by Lauren Davis on 6/16/2021

Photo by Rodolfo Quirós from Pexels

Regardless of the type of foundation you decide upon, you need to make sure that it's a good quality foundation. It isn't as simple as throwing up a few forms and then pouring cement to create a slab or walls. So what makes a "good" foundation?

Building Foundations and Their Features

To get a good foundation, you have to take several factors into consideration, including the frost line, the type of soil, the water table, site prep, and the quality of the backfill. And that's just at the house site. A good foundation will also have several specific features including steel reinforcements. Builders often use rebar to strengthen basement walls and to help keep it from cracking. The quality of the concrete and the method used to pour it also matter.

Additional features of a good basement include:

  • 3,000 psi concrete, 10 inches thick for basement walls.

  • Anchor bolts that anchor the mudsill to the foundation, placed every 2 to 3 feet.

  • Half-inch rebar placed horizontally in the upper and lower thirds of the walls.

  • If the basement walls are over 8 feet tall, vertical rebar placed on 16- or 18-inch centers.

  • Waterproof membrane - either spray-on latex or rubberized asphalt.

  • Form ties.

  • In area with non-porous soils, such as red clay, or in areas with high water tables, the basement should have filter fabric and a drain membrane on the outside of the basement walls.

  • Two-inch extruded foam insulation between the filler fabric and the waterproofing.

  • Half-inch expansion joints.

  • A 4- to 6-inch thick slab of 3,000 psi concrete.

  • Wire mesh in the slab.

  • A 2-inch insulating layer of extruded foam below the slab.

  • Two inches of sand below the insulation, then a vapor barrier below the sand.

  • Four to six inches of compacted gravel below the vapor barrier.

  • On sites with a high water table, 4-inch Schedule 40 PVC with holes drilled into it should be placed 6 inches below the top of the footing, holes down. This pipe removes excess water away from the foundation.

  • Twelve-inch deep footers of 3,000 psi concrete. The footers should not be more than 12 inches wider than the wall.

  • Three-quarter-inch crushed stone on top of the drain pipe and against the exterior of the basement wall.

  • Porous backfill under 1 to 2 feet of top fill against the basement walls. The topfill should be sloped away from the basement walls pursuant to your area's building codes, but at least ½-inch per foot.

Slab Foundations

A slab foundation should have the same features of the slab in a basement, including the layers of compacted crushed stone, a vapor barrier, sand and insulation. The slab should be protected against frost heaves if you are using a slab foundation where you have a medium to high frost line. When the frost line is deep, a slab foundation is not recommended.

Newer Technology for Foundations

Newer technology, meaning technology that has been around for less than 50 or so years, includes using insulated concrete forms to build an insulated basement, precast foundations, and adding PEX tubing near the top of the foundation walls to heat the walls enough to repel moisture. The PEX tubing is routed through the boiler and is the same type of tubing that you find in heated floors or heated walkways.

You can also use self-leveling concrete. It contains a chemical in it that makes the concrete mix flow like water, but it retains the concrete's structural integrity. Usually, if the mix is too thin, the aggregate sinks to the bottom before the concrete can dry. With self-leveling concrete, the chemical keeps the aggregate from sinking. You can pour footers from one corner and the concrete will fill in the entire footer.

Builders also have fabric-formed footings they can use now. The footing forms are lightweight and conform to sites that have slopes or are otherwise uneven. The forms stay in place after the concrete is poured and act as an insulating layer.

Ask your builder about some of these newer technologies when building your home.

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Posted by Lauren Davis on 6/9/2021

From the time an offer is made on a property, and the deal is done, you may face quite a few challenges. Whether you’re buying or selling a home, the process can be dizzying. There are a lot of things that go on from the time an offer is accepted, and the closing table is reached. The entire process of home buying and selling is designed with built-in protections to help both buyers and sellers avoid feeling a lot of regrets. Below, you’ll find some familiar situations in the buying and selling process, and what’s available to help you avoid disappointment.

Once An Offer Is Accepted, Is It Binding? 

If you were overzealous to accept an offer on the home you’re selling and wish you had looked at others before making a decision, you’re not out of luck. Once you’re under contract, you’re obligated to sell to a buyer. The reason you may want to look at other offers is that it doesn’t hurt to have a “backup” buyer. If something falls through with the first buyer, the second buyer in line becomes automatically under contract. While you may not necessarily sell for more, in this case, there’s a sure way available to help you sell your home fast. 

The Buyer Doesn’t Have The Financing They Thought They Did

If a buyer’s financial backing falls through or if the buyer is unable to get financing by the closing date, as a seller, you can walk away. Any financial changes to the contract that would impact you as a seller including a change in the type of loan, downpayment amount, or any variation from the contract terms allow the seller to end the contract unscathed. 

Something Wasn’t Disclosed About The Property

Not everything is required to be disclosed by a seller. It all depends upon the rules within the state where you are buying. Understand what’s required to be revealed. If you feel uncomfortable with something, you can inquire about it, or add a contingency to have the problem addressed. Things like a death on the property can't be changed, for example. Your state may not even require that these events be disclosed.

The Home Inspection Raised Some Concerns 

If the home inspection reveals some issues that the seller isn’t willing to fix, you have the right as a buyer to walk away. In many cases, these problems would be things like wiring or plumbing issues. 

The Property Appraised For Less Than The Offer

If the property appraises for less than what you offered for the home, you may feel quite upset as a buyer. Don’t worry! There are a few things that you can do. Lenders won’t give you more than what the property appraises for. You can, however, bring more of your own cash to the closing table. You can also wait for the seller to adjust the asking price, or withdraw your offer altogether. The problem with the last solution is that you may lose any earnest money deposits      

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Posted by Lauren Davis on 5/26/2021

65 Wedgewood Drive, Holliston, MA 01746



This amazing home, located on a cul-de-sac, offers peaceful living with walkability to the Rail Trail yet only minutes from Rte. 495, stores & restaurants. The spacious kitchen is wonderful for entertaining. It opens to the dining room, on the other side is the large living room w exposed beams, wood burning stove, tons of natural light w skylight and slider to deck.Conveniently located off living room is 3/4 bathroom. Completing the first floor is another bathroom plus three bedrooms all w closets and hardwoods (one currently used as home office). The master bdrm has a slider accessing the expansive deck. The lower level will amaze you! It offers 3 large rooms:one w full bar & an area currently used for home gym with slider to patio space;a family room with built-in shelves & closet; plus multi-purpose room also with closet is currently used as bonus bedroom. Rounding out this level is a storage room, laundry room & mudroom area with direct access to gorgeous backyard & lovely shed.
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No scheduled Open Houses

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Posted by Lauren Davis on 5/26/2021

Image by Alexsander-777 from Pixabay

With the rapid rebound in the real estate market over the past few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the financial potential of this industry. Therefore, many people are looking for ways to generate a steady income in real estate. In order to take advantage of the numerous available opportunities, there are a few important ideas to consider.

Generating Income from Rental Properties

One of the most direct ways to generate a steady income from real estate is through rental properties. Of course, the property needs to be rented consistently in order to generate reliable income. Sometimes, there might be a few gaps here and there when tenets move in or out. You could opt to compensate for these gaps using a web-based service that allows you to advertise your space as available for short term rental opportunities for a few nights or weeks at a time. 

Consider Using a Property Management Company

Those who are having trouble finding the right tenets might choose to rely on a property management company for assistance. While this isn't right for everyone, it might be helpful for someone who is renting out property that isn't in their local area. That way, if something does go wrong with the property, there is someone who is immediately available to provide assistance. A property management company may also have connections in the industry that help you save money on repairs and maintenance.

Think About Becoming an Appraiser or Inspector

Those with an interest in real estate or who work in a related field already might choose to become an appraiser or inspector. A full-time real estate investor could manage their own properties while inspecting and appraise others. This path helps keep you closely in touch with the latest local transactions and trends in a particular area.

Generating a Steady Income from Real Estate

These are a few key tips that can help to generate a steady income flow from real estate. In addition to the capital gains that might come with real estate investing, there are steady income opportunities available. It is a good idea to generate multiple income streams in real estate, it will help to diversify risks while maximizing financial opportunities.

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